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Topnoch Corporation SL

Acquiring Distressed Assets in Spain

Topnoch Corp SL is a long established company based in Spain dealing mainly in acquiring distressed assets such as locked land, incomplete buildings, and working on joint ventures with contractors who require funding.

Over a number of years we have acquired and sold number of positions. Currently we are sitting on number of land acquisitions with pending planning consent to build 60 apartments in the area of the golden mile of Marbella.

Our operations are run out of the Dusseldorf office although the local administration work is carried out of the Marbella office. In 2004 the company was active in sorting out a distressed apartment complex which was turned round successfully as a joint venture.

In 2005 Topnoch Corp SL acquired three failing Indian restaurants in need of investment and structure. The company�s Indian connections allowed the businesses to be turned around quickly by hiring qualified managers from UK and professional chefs from India. The equity invested as JV was repaid over two years with a yield of 25% per annum.