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RNN Limited makes up part of the consultancy part of the division and specialises in national and international developments.

It has been involved in providing a profile of properties for its clients, providing new conceptual designs, master plans, business plans, architectural drawings, landscape drawings, urbanisation plans, infrastructure drawings, interior designs, and also recruits and manages consultants and contractors. Our approach of the project cycle, which includes planning, implementing and delivering services, guarantees a stress free project development while maintaining international standards and respecting the immediate environment. The companys believe that success results are achieved with substantial planning and strict quality control from the beginning of a project. For this reason, even the smallest details are considered for absolute transparency and precision. We have the ability to effectively interpret specific client requirements or company briefs, and only when you are satisfied, we are satisfied. Our areas of expertise:

-Acquisitions, portfolio analysis and due diligence in connection with property holdings, property holding companies and participating interests
-Management of all processes, from consulting through acquisitions to investment
-Full market research and strategy development for acquisitions
-Individually designed consultancy modules and tools for our clients