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Brooklands Property (UK) LTD

Acquiring Repossesed and Probate Properties

Brooklands Property (UK) Ltd deals in mainly acquiring repossessed and probate properties which are in a distressed condition and in need of major refurbishment. It has affiliations with Elite Properties and employs an in house team of property experts and craftsman which refurbish the properties. The company has accumulated a number of property portfolios and are building a buy-to-let portfolio.

With the current world market and the position of market lenders, the property sector will produce further distressed and repossessed assets, providing excellent opportunities for Brooklands Property (UK) Ltd to expand their already growing company.

Our areas of expertise:

-Value-oriented management of real estate
-Profit optimisation through investments in own shares and third-party services
-Overall portfolios for investment in own shares
-Realisation of the best possible performance for real estate in all utilisation phases
-Ideal placement of property on the market
-Comprehensive representation by Brooklands Property (UK) Ltd acting as �global custodian� on behalf of the owner

Brooklands - Real Estate Corporate Finance

Our areas of expertise:

Conducting profitable transactions for real estate company shares
Professional management and supervision of all steps within the sales process
Efficient risk management across all project phases

Brooklands - Real Estate Management

Our areas of expertise:

-Preventive planning
-Processing of value-increasing maintenance and modernisation measures
-Profit-oriented acquisitions and sales