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Metatron Global Fund

Investing in Renewable Energy in Europe and Asia

The principal investment objective of the Fund is to achieve medium to long-term (10 to 15 yrs) capital appreciation by investing in Companies holding assets worldwide and selected emerging countries in Europe and India; investing in renewable energy, and alternative green energy projects as well as recycling projects.

The fund will be seeking opportunities to acquire assets in sectors demonstrating exceptional growth potential as:

The Manager with the board's approval can invest in other areas and also change the amount of percentages per sectors mentioned to benefit its investors. The figures above are indicative only.

Principal Investment Strategies of the Company include:

-Green energy - Wind power, solar power, Hydro power and related activities and ECO - Friendly projects, renewable and recycling projects, and water purification projects. Investing in existing solar projects in Europe and turn key projects in England and India relating to wind power and solar power sectors.
-Energy Projects - Such as Bio-Fuels, Bio-Metrics and Bio-Mass.
-Real Estate - Investing in Infrastructure projects such as power, constructions of roads, bridges, fly-over�s, rail, metro rail, sea ports, airports, telecommunications, and refineries. Also investing in real estate in England, Europe and India in commercial property, hotels, Retail malls, business parks, and student accommodation. Acquiring - In distressed Assets/ Companies and any new/green field projects in the above mentioned sectors.
-In addition - Issue equity guarantee to portfolio companies with security, the Fund may generate regular income through its Companies holding assets. The Fund will also leverage the equity with debt from recognized Banks and Financial Institutions / Development Institutions/Insurance Companies etc. around the world as and when need is felt. Also to invest as a Fund of funds generating established yields in similar sectors of investments.

The official website is www.metatron-fund.com