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Metatron Global Asset Managers Ltd


The Metatron Global Asset Managers (MGAM) will act as CIS Manager for METATRON GLOBAL FUND. The activities of the company will be subject in general to the overall policies, directions and control of the Directors, and in particular to the extent referred to the guidance and review of the Investment Advisory Committee

Following are the major business activities which MGAM will perform for Metatron Global Fund:

-Investment Opportunities: The MGAM will identify opportunities for investments and will be responsible for carrying out the assessment of those opportunities according to generally accepted professional standards. The MGAM will have the responsibility and full discretion to invest, divest and manage the whole or any part of the Fund�s monies provided that the investments are within the guidelines of the Fund Documents. The MGAM will effect disbursements relating to the Fund�s activities in accordance with the Accounting Principles. Further MGAM will act in an orderly manner in order to maximize the return to the Shareholders within the life of the Fund.

-Increasing Net Worth of Fund: The MGAM will provide regular financial and other information received from Investee Entities on a monthly basis.Through close monitoring and providing whatever support is reasonably necessary (including, where it deems it necessary, being represented on Investee Entities� boards of directors), the MGAM will direct its efforts to enhance the value of investments.

-Arranging Contracts & Agreements: The MGAM is authorized, for and on behalf of the Fund, to act or to execute document or to enter into contract or agreement it deems necessary or desirable for the performance of its duties under this Management Agreement.

-Operating Bank Accounts: The MGAM may, for and on behalf of the Fund, from time to time open and operate accounts with any bank as the MGAM will in its absolute discretion deem fit.

-Appointing Custodians: The MGAM may appoint any Bank/financial institution(s) of repute as the custodian of the Fund�s asset

-Registration of Investments: The MGAM may cause any investments to be registered in the name of the Fund, its nominee or any duly authorized central depository.

-Dealing with Government Authorities: The MGAM may demand, sue for and receive from any corporation, government or other body politic or person, all income including dividends, interest, fee income, bonuses or any other entitlements or payments in respect of the investments and likewise any capital sums represented by or comprised in the investments as and when the same will respectively be payable or repayable

-Dividend Distribution: The MGAM may sign, endorse and execute all receipts, dividend vouchers, warrants, cheques, releases, discharges or other deeds or documents whatsoever that may be necessary or usual in the circumstances.

-Representing of Fund in Meetings: The MGAM may attend, vote at and otherwise take part in all meetings of or in connection with Investee Entities and sign as a proxy for the purposes of voting or for any other connected purposes for Fund. Handling Legal Affairs of Fund: The MGAM may give all notices, exercise all powers of sale (whether express or statutory) or otherwise commence any legal proceedings or use any other lawful means that may appear to the MGAM desirable or necessary in order to safeguard the Fund�s interests or enforce the Fund�s rights in connection with the investments with full power to prosecute or discontinue any such proceedings and to comply with or submit to arbitration any matter in dispute or doubt.

-Managing Fund Liabilities: The MGAM may not without the approval of the Board borrow monies for or on behalf of the Fund or give guarantees or other obligations in respect thereof, except for short-term facilities to cover cash requirements between the date of a request for Shareholders in the Fund to pay in their capital and the date that such funds are paid in.

-Maintaining Accounts: MGAM will Prepare and maintain proper books of accounts and records including all receipts and disbursements in accordance with the Accounting Principles adopted by the Board;

-Auditing: Monitor the investments liaise with Auditors in connection with the audit of the Fund�s accounts and investments

-Legal Formalities of Fund: File all documents with the registrar of companies of Mauritius or with any other authority and provide administrative and clerical services as may be necessary and act in the best interests of the Fund and the Shareholders.